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Gift Wrapping Paper Book. Alphabets / Книга о подарочной обёрточной бумаге

Артикул: 355135
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800 p
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Each book measures 25 x 35 cm and contains 4 pp text and 12 large sheets of high-quality gift wrapping paper. The inividual gift wrapping papers measure 50 x 70 cm (19½ inch x 27½ inch)- a standard size for such papers - and are folded twice. They can easily be removed from the books by tearing them along a perforated line.

The gift wrapping designs will be printed on various types of high-quality lightweight papers. All designs are selected and designs from the PEPIN PRESS archives. For many designs, we use special inks and finishes, such as metallic, day-glo, gold and silver.