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20th Century World Architecture. The Phaidon Atlas

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The only resource of its kind, 20th Century World Architecture contains, in a single volume, over 750 of the most outstanding works of architecture built between 1900 and 1999. 

Unprecedented global overview of the architecture of the 20th century, putting the accepted canon in a new perspective. 

Features the work of internationally renowned architects alongside projects by regional pioneers. 
Includes every imaginable building type, from the smallest single houses, cafes and zoo structures to huge, Utopian housing projects, centres of government, and new universities. 

Each project has been selected by an expert industry panel with input from over 150specialist advisors from every geographical region. 

Contains specially commissioned maps and graphic data that interprets and explores architecture's changing global contexts during the century. 

Extensive indexes enable easy cross-referencing and comparison of data, and provide additional information on architects. 

This essential addition to any architecture library is a remarkable resource with an unprecedented geographical scope, and an unparalleled level of data on twentieth-century architecture.