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Jodidio P. Green Architecture Now! Vol. 2

Артикул: 357401
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2 950 p

Green architecture used to be on the fringes, but it has gone mainstream and this new volume shows how, why, and where. This is not a technical handbook, but rather a guided tour from one end of the globe to another where sustainability has become both chic and indispensible. Solar panels and double glazing are taking a dent out of the high cost of energy.
As always in the Architecture Now books, you can discover the latest realizations of established stars like Peter Zumthor and Bernard Tschumi, but also catch up on the rising new generation of architects, from Korea to Vietnam, from Los Angeles to Berlin. Green Architecture Now! 2 is the only place where a tunnel of flower pots by Olafur Eliasson and a Waste to Energy plant with a ski slope on top by BIG come together with a bang.