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Hundertwasser. Complete Graphic Works 1951-1976

Артикул: 166047
Авторы: Wieland Schmied
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2 430 p
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My heartfelt thanks go to Prestel Verlag and to Jtirgen Krieger and his team for their assistance in publishing a new edition of this magical volume by Hundertwasser. A gift to mark Hundertwasser's 80th birthday, it's a real collector's item for book lovers.

In 1973, Hundertwasser embarked on an exhibition tour to museums in Australia and New Zealand. To accompany this tour he wanted to publish a catalogue small enough to be carried in a handbag or jacket pocket like a much-loved treasure. It was to be a book with 98 high-quality reproductions - using six special colours in addition to the usual four colours - together with gold and silver, and metal embossing in nine colours. It was to have a hard cover designed by Hundertwasser, with red sewn binding, rounded corners and black edges.