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Homefront. Design For Modern Living

Артикул: 438380
Издательство: Rizzoli
Авторы: Windsor Smith
Нет в наличии
4 620 p

Mixing glamour with modern practicality, interior designer Windsor Smith's first book celebrates her elegant, comfortable style. Windsor Smith's aesthetic was once described as "unbuttoned elegance, like a taffeta dress worn with bare feet." In her first book, Smith—a traditionalist who likes to realize classic themes in a new way—shares her fresh vision for modern life. Each chapter reflects one of her unique philosophies for creating beautiful, livable spaces, expressed through the homes she designs. Themes include how to bring balance—an essential ingredient to a beautiful, functional home—into rooms and spaces, as well as how to successfully combine new belongings with treasures from the past to create homes that reflect where we have come from, as well as where we wish to go. Whether it is repurposing a neglected dining room or expanding the role of the kitchen, Windsor Smith Homefront will guide readers to reclaiming their home's best spaces and remaking them to suit a modern life.