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Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Design and Decoration

Артикул: 438507
Издательство: Rizzoli
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In his second book, Martyn Lawrence Bullard demonstrates how to bring a sense of luxury and glamour into spaces designed for comfort and modern living. As evidenced by the success of Live, Love, & Decorate, Martyn Lawrence Bullard is beloved for his ability to mix a broad range of styles in eclectic, sophisticated, yet always comfortable interiors. His trademark attention to detail, adventurous use of color and texture, and references to history are hallmarks of his style. Known for his commitment to quality, he travels the globe to source the world's most beautiful objects. For this all-new selection of design projects, Bullard continues to draw upon these inspiration-filled experiences as well as his penchant for studying and collecting both vintage decorative arts and pedigreed antiques. This peek into Bullard's newest cache of homes is inspiring in its mix of styles—from exotic chic to luxuriant modern—and will appeal to designers and home owners with an eye for bold interiors. Included are a Connecticut country estate, a Balinese-inspired house in Malibu, Tommy Hilfiger's pop art–filled beach house in Miami, and the Château Gütsch in Switzerland, once home to Queen Victoria and now a chic boutique hotel.