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The Little book of Pin-Up. Vargas

Артикул: 431547
Издательство: Taschen
Авторы: Dian Hanson
Нет в наличии
1 100 p

Alberto Vargas took over Esquire magazine's monthly pin-up post in late 1940. By 1942, when the U.S. joined the war, he had more than a million ardent enlisted fans who carried his pin-ups in backpacks and duffel bags as reminders of the American girls they'd left behind. When Esquire was charged with obscenity over a particularly spicy pin-up in 1943 the military stepped in to fight for The Varga Girl, declaring her necessary to maintain the morale of young fighting men. Today these wartime pin-ups are the most collectible of Vargas' work. Find them all in this pocket-sized delight.