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The Little book of Pin-Up. Elvgren

Артикул: 431548
Издательство: Taschen
Авторы: Dian Hanson
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He's called the King of Pin-up for good reason. Gillette Elvgren (1914–1980,) known as Gil, created some 700 pin-up oils during his long career, more than any other calendar artist. His subjects were flirty, sassy, playful and spirited, quintessential American girls who found themselves unintentionally exposed in myriad ways. They first rose to popularity among troops in World War II, and continued inspiring male fantasies well into the 1970s. Today Elvgren's recognition factor is greater than ever, as his images are collected by men and women alike. His works have been the subject of top selling TASCHEN books and calendars, and now 200 of his best are available in a compact package perfect for gifting—to oneself and others. From his first mid-'30s paintings through the 1970s, it's all here, more portable, affordable, and adorable than ever!