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Beyond Bling. Voices of Hip Hop in Art

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The explosion of rap music and the street culture from which it sprang have had an indelible influence on our lifestyle today. We see it in our language, fashion, advertising, role models, and most notably, our contemporary art. Beyond Bling: Voices of Hip-Hop in Art examines this phenomenon as seen through the art of ten of the most exciting, innovative and diverse contemporary artists working in the 21st Century. Featuring a painting of an African-American male as the new art historical icon by Kehinde Wiley, a sequined, baroque image of the African-American woman by Mickalene Thomas, the Asian-influenced graffiti art of Gajin Fujita, and neighborhood women from a mural featured in New York's Times Square by Sofia Maldonado, among many other outstanding works, this fascinating book highlights how the new art of this Century reflects the influence of hip-hop culture and its undeniable mark on society at large.