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After the global hit Ars Sacra, Rolf Toman and his

team embark on a journey once more. The Palace of

Versailles and St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican are

the outstanding buildings from this epoch. There are

undreamed-of jewels in Europe and America, the New

World, waiting for discovery. Magnificent libraries,

vaults of science or mysterious gardens, skilled works

of porcelain and illusionistic painting, to name just a

few aspects of this complex epoch.

With his passion and meticulousness, photographer

Achim Bednorz succeeded to get details in front of his

camera that cannot even be seen on the original locally.

The photographs that are exclusive for this volume

are particularly well-presented in their large format.

The author Barbara Borngässer wrote her take on

Baroque history to fit, and swiftly takes the reader into

the Great World Theater, the Theatrum Mundi.