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Fashion World. Contemporary Retail Spaces

Артикул: 331462
Издательство: Braun
Авторы: Michelle Galindo
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2 200 p
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Quality of design has been an indispensable component of successful sales strategies since time immemorial, and has only gained in importance in the age of internet sales. Retail shopping must be fun and passionately celebrated as an emotional experience. Since one trend chases the next, design must display sustainability and flexibility or to precisely feature the current collection.Whether it be urban outdoor, street fashion, prêt-à-porter or haute-couture, the task is to provide the perfect stage for each fashion trend and to address the right target group. After a short historical essay, this volume shows how goods are successfully displayed today. The spectrum ranges from strident designer shops to elegant boutiques, to prestigious flagship stores. Every design in this book is tailored to its task.