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Love Looks Not with the Eyes. Thirteen Years with Lee Alexander McQueen

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Lee Alexander McQueen, whose design combined visionary aesthetics, emotional power, and extraordinary craft, was known for staging provocative shows that were as much performances as venues to display his couture creations. Charged with energy, informed by history and culture, and filled with fresh concepts, McQueen's shows have become legends not only of fashion but also of art. Anne Deniau was the only photographer allowed backstage by McQueen for 13 years, beginning in September 1997 and ending with the final show in March 2010. She captured McQueen working with his close circle of collaborators - including designer Sarah Burton, milliner Philip Treacy, jewelry designer Shaun Leane, and model Kate Moss - to create his meticulously produced spectacles. Her book offers an inspiring homage, through the art of photography, to the work of a great artist.