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Treasures of The Beatles

Артикул: 431536
Издательство: Carlton
Авторы: Terry Burrows
В наличии
2 800 p
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"The Treasures of The Beatles", an unofficial publication, follows the amazing journey of the band, from early beginnings to the international supergroup. Each fully-illustrated double-page spread covers either a year of their history, one of the band members or an album. It builds to tell the complete, fascinating story of the Fab Four in words and pictures. The memorabilia includes: 1962 contract, Liverpool Jazz Society flyer, 1963 Set List on the back of a business card, 1964 Beatles/Roy Orbison tour poster, PanAm Airlines souvenir postcard, a Brian Epstein handwritten tour itinerary, facsimile programme from a Milwaukee concert, ticket from Japanese concert, invitation to a Magical Mystery Tour party - and more!