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Артикул: 024095
Издательство: Phaidon
Авторы: Gill Polonsky
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1 310 p
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The life and work of artist Marc Chagall (1887-1985) are presented in this volume. He was born into a poor Jewish family in Vitebsk, Russia, a place whose memory remained a constant source of inspiration. Establishing his reputation in Paris before the First World War, he spent the years 1914-1922 in Russia, but disillusioned by the Revolution, he returned and made France his home. He was influenced by the Cubists and in turn influenced the Surrealists, but his vision and his style were always his own - a unique blend of imagination, symbolism, fantasy and colour based on his memories. In addition to painting, he became a celebrated printmaker and perhaps the greatest modern master of stained glass. In an introduction and in commentaries on the 48 colour plates, Gill Polonsky provides a portrait of this exuberant and versatile genius, a moralist, fantasist, mythmaker and religious artist whose work is a kind of visual poetry, expressing in form and colour his intensely personal vision.