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Edvard Munch and Denmark

Артикул: 188849
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2 260 p
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For the celebrated Norwegian painter Edvard Munch (1863-1944), one of the pioneers of Expressionism, the vibrant modern city of Copenhagen was both a bridge to Europe and an occasional refuge. Munch's lively exchanges with Danish artists and authors led to further intensive encounters with the art of Paul Gauguin, and also with Impressionism, Symbolism and Synthetism. During an existential crisis that began around the turn of the century and lasted until 1908, Munch time and again returned to Denmark. Rich in fascinating material, this book is the first to take a thorough look at Munch's complex relationship to this Scandinavian country, demonstrating the extent to which his Danish contacts influenced his reception of contemporary French painting, as well as his own early oeuvre. This volume presents lesser-known works made in and around Copenhagen and during Munch's seven-month stay in a psychiatric clinic.