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Claude Lorrain

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Anyone looking for a picture book of Claude Lorrain, was for several years, amazingly reliant on hand bookshops. There you can Werner Schade 'Claude Lorrain. Paintings and Drawings 'by 1996 or even Gunther Bergmann's' Claude Lorrain. The lighting of the landscape 'of 1999 are still. The present volume 'Claude Lorrain. The enchanted land filled ', therefore, a gap, even if the paintings are presented here Lorrain only in a smaller selection.

This limitation is due to the intention and function of the book which is published as a catalog accompanying the exhibition at the Frankfurt Stadel Museum. The paintings in this play had been to Oxford to seeing assembly has a role, but even more important is the emphasis on Lorrain drawings and etchings. Above all, the etchings will be given a wide area and with good reason. "You get," says the preface, "there has long been their due attention again and is just as important paintings and drawings." (8)

The catalog is divided into three categories paintings, drawings and etchings, each of which is preceded by an introduction. The carefully reproduced art works are detailed evidence and texts erschlie?ende added that they describe both content and classify historical genesis. Since Lorraine has copied his paintings often as drawings (or has drawings used as templates), there is such an enlightening web of cross-references and comparisons between painting, drawing and etching, the Lorrain can emerge mastery in each of the profession more clearly.