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Stars Shine Down
  • Stars Shine Down
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Stars Shine Down

Артикул: 181375
ISBN: 978-0-446-36476-8
Издательство: Grand Central Publishing
Авторы: Sidney Sheldon
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Lara Cameron, a young and beautiful self-made tycoon, she has outshone her competitors to reach the pinnacle of international fortune and renown. But the real Lara is a lonely figure, driven by a childhood obsession, trying, at all costs, to bury the ghosts of her terrible past...

With her glittering marriage to a world-famous concert pianist, Lara is sure she has fulfilled her destiny. But what she cannot foresee is that terrifying, uncontrollable forces from her secret past are bent on destroying everything she has created, everything she values in life...

Moving from Scotland and Nova Scotia, to Chicago, New York, London, Rome and Reno, "The Stars Shine Down" is a magnificent story of passion, intrigue, ambition and revenge.