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Kitchen Maestro. 175 Home Recipes with a Twist

Артикул: 335493
Издательство: Flammarion
Авторы: Pierre Gagnaire
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2 080 p

Celebrated French chef Pierre Gagnaire offers 175 classic and yet refined recipes for everyday and special occasions, from lazy brunches to midnight feasts. Revered for pushing the boundaries of taste and texture, Gagnaire transforms old favorites with a twist of originality in recipes designed for the casual cook. Four chapters include ideas for mealtimes and entertaining, from French Toast and Lemon-Rhubarb Marmalade to Grilled Line-Caught Bass to Bell Pepper Cocktails or Raspberries with Parmesan. The creative recipes of this master chef will expand the repertoire of the home cook—novice or accomplished—and provide a fresh, new home-dining experience.