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Never Use Pop Up Windows and 50 other Ridiculous Web Design Rules

Артикул: 431212
Издательство: BIS Publishers
Авторы: Anneloes Van Gaalen
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2 220 p
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Never Use Pop Up Windows takes aim at the ridiculous rules of the Web. Not only concerned with Web design, it also focuses on rules that apply to communicating through the Internet. Think of the dos and don'ts and etiquette in the use of e-mail, chat rooms, and the idea of publishing everything you do or think on social sites, such as Hyves, Facebook, and You Tube.

In this series, "ridiculous" is a relative term, because what is nonsense for one can be an important guideline for another. In these books, it is not about laying down the law. For each of the fifty rules covered in each book, Anneloes Van Gaalen refers to quotes by famous fellow designers who either think there is something to the rule or have made a personal variation of it. Whether you agree with them or not, the Ridiculous Design Rules books sharpen your own thoughts about the assumed truths of design, advertising, fashion, photography, and the Internet.

Each rule is convincingly illustrated, with the illustrations either confirming or disproving the rule in question.