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The ideas of architects are usually conveyed by their buildings. Vladimir Belogolovsky takes a different approach in his new work. The New York-based author gives a...Conversations with Architects
От античных стадионов – до мегакомплексов 21го века, когда арены превратились в пространства глобальных медиаспектаклей. Колоссы из стали и бетона способны кардинально...Спортивные стадионы. Практическое пособие
It was prominent architect and publicist Felix Novikov (b. 1927) who first coined the term Soviet modernism, which refers to the third, concluding period (1955-85) of...Felix Novikov. Architect of the Soviet Modernism
The drawing architect – for centuries, this term was just as tautological as the “baking baker". Nevertheless, the acquisition of drawing skills is by no means a minor...Drawing for Architects
В современном обществе принято заботиться о сохранении уникальных архитектурных памятников. А как быть с непримечательными зданиями, формирующими лицо нецентральных...Беляево навсегда. Советский микрорайон на пути к списку ЮНЕСКО
The prominent architect Felix Novikov was born in 1927, when the famous Constructivist Konstantin Melnikov was at the peak of his career. Novikov tells the dramatic story...Behind the Iron Curtain. Confession of a Soviet Architect
Few other professions can match landscape architecture's requirement graphically to represent and communicate so much content and so many ideas. From large-scale...Drawing for Landscape Architects
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As the byproduct of the Cold War, the space race produced a considerable number of objects disseminated in networks, not only in the East and West but also in the global...Space Race Archaeologies. Photographs, Biographies and Design
The Moscow metro comprises a route network with a total length of 320 km and is the most fascinating underground transport system in the world. Each year more than 2.4...Hidden Urbanism. Architecture and Design of the Moscow Metro 1935–2015
For international architecture critics, Russia is unmapped territory. Contemporary architecture in Moscow, St Petersburg and regional Russia, however, is well worth...Capitalist Realism. New Architecture in Russia