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Pirogi, vodka and blini are familiar enough to many people, but what surprises might await us when we try ukha, khachapuri, or plov? Russia, aind the former Russian Empire,...Culinaria Russia. A Celebration of Food and Tradition
When the traditional world of faith encounters unshackled creativity, the result can often be exceptional works of art. When artists are capable of letting their...Angelus & Diabolus. Angels and Devils. The History of Good and Evil in Christian Art
Islam, the second largest and the youngest of the major world religions, has changed the world and left its mark on human history since the appearance of the prophet...Islam. Art and Architecture
The illustrated volume Florence: Art and Architecture combines interesting and easily understood texts with an abundance of opulent color illustrations into a first class...Florence. Art and Architecture
Rome: The Golden Centuries unfolds the magnificent panorama of the Eternal City, long recognized as the cultural capital of Europe, before the readers' eyes. Even into the...Rome. The Golden Centuries
This book is devoted to the legendary world of fashion and couturiers. Informative chapters that introduce each era, coupled with extensive portraits of groundbreaking...Fashion. 150 Years - Couturiers, Designers, Labels
Lavishly illustrated with wonderful photographs, this new edition provides a completely up-to-date portrait of the richness of French specialties and whets the appetite for...France. Cuisine. Country. Culture
Palazzi of Rome presents the most magnificent Roman villas and palaces. Brilliant photographs capture the atmosphere of the buildings in their full grandeur and...Palazzi Of Rome
The volumes in this series provide unique portraits of European art history. Authoritative texts illuminate the decisive stages in the artists' lives and the development of...Masters of Italian Art. Caravaggio
Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world. Ars sacra pays the due tribute to its art and architecture; a comprehensive compendium presenting just under 2000...Ars sacra. The Most Extraordinary Book on Christian Art
Seville, Córdoba, Cádiz, or Málaga—Andalusia, at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, has figured prominently in the history of Europe and the Mediterranean. The region has...Andalucia