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Sebastião Salgado

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Earth eternal. The companion volume to the world's best attended photo show. “In GENESIS, my camera allowed nature to speak to me. And it was my privilege to listen." —...Genesis
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This inspiring print set offers sixteen designs to transform a blank wall into a personalized display. Each set of sixteen images has been specially selected from the...Sebastiao Salgado Genesis: 16 Posters
In January and February 1991, as the United States-led coalition drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein's troops retaliated with an inferno. At some 700 oil wells...Kuwait
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It has been almost a generation since Sebastião Salgado first published Exodus but the story it tells, of fraught human movement around the globe, has changed little in 16...Exodus
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In every crisis situation, children are the greatest victims. Physically weak, they are often the first to succumb to hunger, disease, and dehydration. Innocent to the...The Children
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The first edition of Sebastião Salgado: Other Americas was published in 1985 by the French publisher Contrejour, and included photographs from Salgado's numerous trips...Sebastiao Salgado. Other Americas
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In this remarkable visual survey, internationally acclaimed photographer Sebastião Salgado documents traditional methods of sustainable coffee farming across the globe,...The Scent Оf А Dream. Travels In The World Of Coffee
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