Dynatron ‎- Aeternus

3 003

Electronic and synthwave music producer from Denmark. He started making his own music in 2012. His works are heavily inspired by movies such as Alien and Blade Runner, composer Jean Michel-Jarre, 80s rock music genre and science fiction.

  • A1. Hyperion Sunrise
  • A2. Aeternus Theme
  • A3. The Outer Rims Of Traversed Space
  • B1. Towards The Island Sunrise
  • B2. Fluorescense Of The Cepheids
  • B3. Out There
  • C1. Descend
  • C2. Travelling The Wastelands
  • C3. Not Of This World
  • D1. Escape
  • D2. Hypersonic
  • D3. A Beacon From Home
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