Виниловая пластинка Todd Rundgren - The Complete U.S. Bearsville & Warner Bros. Singles. 4 LP

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Впервые все синглы знаменитого рок-музыканта Тодда Рандгрена, записанные на Bearsville Records и Warner Bros. Records, были скомпилированы для одного релиза. Включает множество уникальных, давно не издававшихся записей и миксов. Все записи ремастированы.

Лимитированное издание 4500 копий на весь мир.


1. A1. We Gotta Get You A Woman - Runt

2. A2. Baby, Let's Swing / The Last Thing You Said / Don't Tie My Hands

3. A3. Be Nice To Me - Runt

4. A4. Broke Down And Busted - Runt

5. A5. A Long Time, A Long Way To Go - Runt

6. A6. Parole - Runt

7. B1. I Saw The Light

8. B2. Marlene

9. B3. Couldn't I Just Tell You

10. B4. Wolfman Jack

11. B5. Hello It's Me

12. B6. Cold Morning Light

13. C1. Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel

14. C2. Does Anybody Love You?

15. C3. A Dream Goes On Forever

16. C4. Heavy Metal Kids

17. C5. Wolfman Jack (Single Version w/Wolfman Jack)

18. C6. Breathless

19. D1. Real Man

20. D2. Prana (From Cosmic Fire)

21. D3. Good Vibrations

22. D4. When I Pray

23. D5. Love Of The Common Man

24. D6. Black And White

25. E1. Can We Still Be Friends (Edit)

26. E2. Out Of Control

27. E3. Determination

28. E4. You Cried Wolf

29. E5. Onomatopoeia

30. F1. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference (Edit)

31. F2. Don't You Ever Learn?

32. F3. Time Heals

33. F4. Tiny Demons

34. G1. Compassion

35. G2. Pulse

36. G3. Hideaway

37. G4. Emperor Of The Highway

38. G5. Bang The Drum All Day

39. G6. Chant

40. H1. Something To Fall Back On

41. H2. Lockjaw

42. H3. Parallel Lines

43. H4. I Love My Life

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