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Farrow & Ball. Living with Colour

Артикул: 452445
Ros Byam Shaw: Farrow & Ball. Living with Colour
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Farrow & Ball. Living with Colour
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Iconic British brand Farrow & Ball began in the 1940s as a small firm specializing in paints made in the traditional way with traditional ingredients.Despite its success, Farrow & Ball has stayed true to these origins. It is the quality of the paint, with its exceptional depth and subtlety of color, that has made the company famous worldwide. Farrow & Ball paints look as good on the walls of a slick flat as they do in a period ballroom and are as perfect for a cottage as in a castle. Divided into chapters according to style, including Classical, City, Modern Country, Cottage, and Country House, the first part of the book shows Farrow & Ball paints and wallpapers in a wide range of unusual and beautiful interiors. Part Two of the book is devoted to color. From the themes of All White and In Neutral to Softly, Softly, and Bright and Beautiful, each chapter explores a particular palette and shows how color can be used to create atmosphere, character, and charm. Inspiring, instructive, celebratory, this book brings out the painter and decorator in us all.

ISBN: 978-1-84975-038-7

Издательство: Ryland Peters & Small

Обложка: Твердая

Язык: Английский

Год издания: 2010

Количество страниц: 192

Формат: 24 х 28

Направление: Дизайн интерьеров

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