The Whole World a Bauhaus

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This richly illustrated book, published to accompany a worldwide exhibition series, takes that quotation from former Bauhaus student and subsequent university teacher Fritz Kuhr as a starting point for reflections not only on the Bauhaus as a school in Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin, but also on the parallel modernist movements in non-European regions. The book explores in unprecedented depth the Bauhaus and its multifaceted forms of expression, which extended far beyond the constructivist language of the 1920s.

Featuring case studies from Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Moscow, the United States, and elsewhere, The Whole World a Bauhaus shows that the Bauhaus was a much more broad-based undertaking than we commonly think: avant-gardes in many regions of the world examined the Bauhaus from their own point of view and integrated it into their discourses, thereby turning the Bauhaus into a global engine for new developments in society, culture, and politics.
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