Kristina Lindhe

Living with Lexington

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Home furnishing and fashion company Lexington is an unparalleled success story by any standard. It began in Nykoping, Sweden where a young girl, Kristina Lindhe, spent countless hours in her mother's sewing room and in her father's carpenter's workshop studying the work of her parents. An enduring passion for craftsmanship and design later convinced Kristina Lindhe to quit her job as a schoolteacher and pursue a career as an entrepreneur, eventually building a global life-style brand. After 18 years of growth, the Lexington Company AB is currently represented in 21 countries worldwide and listed on First North NASDAQ Stockholm.

In her book, Kristina Lindhe tells her own story about how a small-town girl from Sweden became one of the foremost champions of the timeless flair, architecture and lifestyle of the American northeast coast in general and of New England in particular. During her first visit to the Hamptons, Kristina fell in love with the rugged yet refined craftsmanship of the buildings and interiors designs. By blending quintessential American style with a touch of Scandinavian grace, she managed to create a personal interpretation that has won the hearts of millions of consumers all over the world.

In addition to telling the story of her life and business, Kristina Lindhe also offers an insider's guide to creating that iconic Lexington style, be it for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or for the relaxed beauty of everyday. The book is richly illustrated with inspirational and beautiful photos and is available in a Swedish and English edition.

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