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Luisa V. Yefimova

Russian Elegance: Country and City Fashion

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This beautifully illustrated book shows examples of Russian dress and accessories from the 15th to the early 20th century. Derived from the collection of the State Historical Museum and covering both dress worn in the countryside and in the city, this book is a fabulous feast of splendid patterns and fine detail. From exuberantly colourful and embellished dresses to elegantly sumptuous brocades and silks, the garments and accessories included in this book are an inspiration. In the first part of the book we look at traditional Russian dress which was worn by all Russian peasants, by the urban petit bourgeoisie and by merchants. This type of clothing became accepted as national dress. In the towns and cities, dress was influenced by the Parisian styles but interpreted by Russian seamstresses reflecting the love of bright colours, multi-coloured patterns and decorative features in evidence in traditional dress. In the second part of the book we see examples of the Paris-inspired urban dress. With authoritative essays written by experts L. V. Yefimova and T. S. Aleshina, Russian Elegance is an invaluable resource for fashion designers, artists, fashion historians, set and costume designers, or anyone interested in these beautiful designs.
5.0 / 1 оценка
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Комментарий: I was very impressed by this book, I absolutely wanted to order one for me to have it after I viewed my friend book and have a good look into everything that was created and read details carefully.