Oscar Carvallo. Fashion, Art & Nature

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Venezuelan haute couture fashion designer Oscar Carvallo, who maintains ateliers in Paris and Miami, is perhaps best known for his work with Carlos Cruz-Diez, a key op artist and color theorist. Carvallo worked with Cruz-Diez to create a series of fabrics that became the backbone of Carvallo’s dizzying “Kinetic Journey” collections of 2008 and 2014. Carvallo’s passion for art is linked to his longstanding love of nature. Born in Caracas, near the sea and among its lush landscapes, the designer brings those influences into his work, transforming the female silhouette into natural forms like flowers, feathers and fish. Fashion, Art & Nature chez Oscar Carvallo, Carvallo’s first monograph, explores the designer’s career from its beginnings in the early 2000s through the lens of his parallel interests in art and nature.
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