Julia Zirpel

The Fashion Yearbook 2021: Best of Campaigns, Editorials, and Covers

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The best of the international fashion scene from the last year
Impressive images of the fashion series, covers and campaigns, accompanied by expert assessment
Top-class jury including, amongst others, the former Editor in Chief of American InStyle, Ariel Foxman, and street style icon Veronika Heilbrunner
A unique overview of the global fashion year
The international fashion world is not only a hotbed of creativity, but also a fast-moving and mercurial one. This book cherry-picks some of the most intriguing editorials, covers and campaigns of 2020 — and places them within the zeitgeist. In a year in which the carpet was swept out from under us, the sudden loss of stability also gave rise to new creativity, freedom, and surprise as fashion magazines began taking a more active political stance. Presented here in detail are the inspiring minds — photographers, stylists, models, editors, et al. — behind this sudden change in paradigm. This compilation was selected by an international jury of 12 that includes Ariel Foxman, former Editor-in-Chief of InStyle, Donald Schneider, former art director of French Vogue and creative mind of the H&M designer collaborations, Sara Maino, Deputy Director of Vogue Italia and head of Vogue Talents, and street-style icon and influencer Veronika Heilbrunner. The Fashion Yearbook 2021 is a prйcis of the protagonists behind the scenes in an impressive illustrated book — a new standard work for the fashion industry.
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