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Helmut Newton

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Us and Them is an ode to partnership and art. First published in 1999, it gathers photographs by Helmut Newton and his wife, the actress and photographer June Newton, who...Helmut Newton and Alice Springs. Us and Them
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Helmut Newton, master of late 20th-century fashion photography, always considered the printed page the most important factor to his work. It was, he explained, in the...Pages from the Glossies
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What a sketch is for the painter is a Polaroid for the photographer, namely the first formulation of a concept, the raw material of the imagination, as it were. When Helmut...Pola Women
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Sex and Landscapes was conceived in 2001 as the inaugural show for the new Zurich gallery of Helmut`s dealers de Pury & Luxembourg. The idea of introducing the...Sex & Landscapes
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Helmut Newton (1920–2004) always demonstrated a healthy disdain for easy or predictable solutions. SUMO—a bold and unprecedented publishing venture—was an irresistible...Helmut Newton
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