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Sven Ehmann

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A guide for those who want to be impeccably stylish, this book presents iconic men's clothing from a carefully curated selection of brands, makers, and shops around the...From Tip to Toe. The Essential Men's Wardrobe
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A stunning collection of expressive interiors that meld sophisticated colors and patterns to create unique urban living spaces. Interiors can be loud again. More and more...Kaleidoscope. Living in Color and Patterns
Bicycles are the new cars. Whether custom-made, sleek, playful, or electric, they are not only means of transportation but also have cultural value. Velo 3rd Gear...Velo 3rd Gear. Bicycle Culture and Stories
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Fashion from another planet. Unwearable, subversive, radically post-human, alien. Otherworldly presents avant-garde garments, styling, fashion photography, and young...Otherworldly
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More and more people are hitting the road to the middle of nowhere. Along less-traveled paths they are heading up mountains and down dunes in converted mobile homes,...Off the Road
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