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THE LITTLE MAGIC HORSE is a brilliant tale in verse, an everlasting masterpiece in the spirit of Russian folklore and one of unsolved riddles of great Russian literature....Ershov P. Little Magic Horse
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From Collins Classics, short stories from the author of 'The Great Gatsby' and including 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. In these eleven stories, Fitzgerald depicts...Tales of the Jazz Age
В этом сборнике — 10 загадочных историй. От них мурашки бегут по спине, и кровь стынет в жилах, и каждый скрип или шорох кажется знаком присутствия в доме чего-то...10 рассказов о загадочном
Войдите в светлый мир двенадцатилетнего мальчика и проживите с ним одно лето, наполненное событиями радостными и печальными, загадочными и тревожными; лето, когда каждый...Вино из одуванчиков. The Dandelion Wine
В этом издании читателям предлагаются неадаптированный оригинальный текст и классический перевод заключительной повести из волшебной эпопеи "Хроники Нарнии". Чтение текста...Хроники Нарнии. Последняя битва/The Chronicles of Narnia. The Last Battle
Читателям предлагаются неадаптированный оригинальный текст и классический перевод второй книги Терри Пратчетта из цикла о Плоском мире. Волшебнику-недоучке Ринсвинду и его...Безумная звезда / The Light Fantastic
Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, arrives at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend the unveiling of a discovery that "will change the...Origin
Poirot books for the 21st century. First came a sinister warning to Poirot not to eat any plum pudding... then the discovery of a corpse in a chest... next, an overheard...The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
For nearly six years, in Room 217 of the Lakes Region Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic, Brady Hartsfield has been in a persistent vegetative state. A complete recovery seems...End of Watch
A riveting crime thriller about a reader whose obsession with a reclusive writer goes too far, featuring the same trio of unlikely and winning heroes King introduced in MR...Finders Keepers
Lie. Clever, wealthy, married to a beautiful woman: Roger Brown has it all. And his sideline as an art thief keeps him busy when his job as a corporate headhunter gets...Headhunters
'Vince Flynn clearly has one eye on Lee Child's action thriller throne with this twist-laden story...instantly gripping' Shortlist For months, Mitch Rapp has been steadily...Kill Shot
A collectionof short stories featuring some of Agatha Christie's best-loved detectives - Hercule Poirot, Parker Pyne, Mr Satterthwaite and Harley Quin! All great crime...Problem at Pollensa Bay
Clarissa, the wife of a Foreign Office diplomat, is given to daydreaming. "Supposing I were to come down one morning and find a dead body in the library, what should I do?"...Spider's Web
Big trouble is brewing for Theodore Boone. While all of Streenburg anxiously awaits the new trial of infamous murder suspect Pete Duffy, problems arise for their own kid...The Accused
Theodore Boone, young lawyer, has had a lot to deal with in his thirteen years, everything from kidnapping to murder. But he's come through it all and, with the law on his...Theodore Boone: The Activist
With an introduction by Tariq Ali. Now almost exclusively known as the author of the bestselling Trilogy, as a professional journalist Stieg Larsson was an untiring...The Expo Files
Ruby Lennox was conceived grudgingly by Bunty and born while her father, George, was in the Dog and Hare in Doncaster telling a woman in an emerald dress and a D-cup that...Behind The Scenes At The Museum
Worldwide No.1 bestseller John Grisham takes you into the heart of America's Deep South with a collection of stories connected by the life and crimes of Ford County: a...Ford County