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Designs of the time: The most famous art school of modernity. In a fleeting fourteen year period, sandwiched between two world wars, Germany's Bauhaus school of art and...Bauhaus
Individual life scripts are most clearly reflected in a persons' home. The home's envelope and the arrangements within it represent its inhabitants' character and identity;...Living in Style: Architecture + Interiors
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4 800 руб.
Hotel interiors need to satisfy the imaginations of their customers and whet the appetite for a return visit or recommendation, and the design that gets the formula right...Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design
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3 610 руб.
MR Architecture + Decor's work — which, true to its name, straddles the line between architecture and interior design — is driven by the belief that close collaborations...MR Architecture + Decor
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4 800 руб.
Working out of The Magic Factory, a 15,000-square-foot think tank in San Francisco, Ken Fulk specializes in interior design, special events, and architecture. Whether he is...Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World
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5 200 руб.
The proliferation of public places and spaces has created a shared environment which increasingly interacts with people living or passing through them. In such a context,...New Signage Design. Connecting People & Spaces
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7 470 руб.
Цель «Идеала» - положить конец эре презентаций результатов случайных озарений и представить концепцию стратегического менеджмента идей. «Идеал» - это путь к построению...Идеал
В книге «Кухни» вы найдете множество практических советов, новых идей и наглядных примеров того, как смоделировать превосходную современную кухню в вашем доме. Кухня — это...Дизайн кухни. Современные интерьеры
Who hasn't had that feeling that something needs to change ASAP? And by something, we mean nothing less than our daily environment, the space immediately around us-- our...Modern Living. How to Decorate with Style
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4 040 руб.
True beauty is achieved when a great idea collides with exquisite details. This rule is evidenced in the work of international interior designer Eric Kuster. When entering...Interior Deisgn
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5 600 руб.
Whether you live in a bustling home where a family of different ages with varying tastes and interests needs to be accommodated, in a compact city pied à terre, or in a...The Creative Home. Inspiring ideas for beautiful living
Traditional country parks, which originated in the United Kingdom, are very different to the country parks we know today. With the development of urbanization and the...Country Parks
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5 250 руб.
Founded in 1928 as a “living diary" by the great Milanese architect and designer Gio Ponti, domus has been hailed as the world's most influential architecture and design...Domus 1940-1949
In his second book, Martyn Lawrence Bullard demonstrates how to bring a sense of luxury and glamour into spaces designed for comfort and modern living. As evidenced by the...Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Design and Decoration
The emperor not only of fashion but also of l'art de vivre, Valentino Garavani is in a class all his own. At the Emperor's Table is an invitation into his refined world of...At the Emperor's Table
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13 350 руб.
There is no other designer quite like Anouska Hempel, and this volume is both a celebration of her achievement and an intimate insight into it. Here is a designer whose...Anouska Hempel
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7 370 руб.
Elegant, modern, subtle, and playful: the epitome of contemporary design from Japan that is also setting the tone for design's future on the global scene. There are few...Nendo. 10/10
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3 720 руб.
Marc Newson's complete works to date He has designed chairs, restaurants, boutiques, cars, planes, and even a spaceship. For Australian industrial designer Marc Newson, the...Marc Newson's Works
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60 440 руб.
From literature to food, lifestyle to fashion, cinema to architecture, Nordic influence is evident throughout contemporary culture. The Red Thread: Nordic Design celebrates...The Red Thread: Nordic Design
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7 120 руб.

Книги для начинающих дизайнеров, представленные в этом разделе, помогут вам не только научиться правильно оформлять помещение, но и введут вас в мир культурологии и архитектуры, помогут освоить азы фотографии, расскажут о всемирно известных театрах и музеях и дадут массу другой полезной информации.

Литература про ландшафтный дизайн сейчас пользуется огромной популярностью. Мы предлагаем купить книги по этой тематике от известных западных и отечественных авторов, в том числе и на языке оригинала. Лучшие книги по дизайну интерьера помогут не только начинающим специалистам, но и опытным профессионалам совершенствоваться в своем искусстве. Заказывайте книги в нашем интернет-магазине и изменяйте окружающий мир под свои фантазии и модные тенденции.