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Designs of the time: The most famous art school of modernity. In a fleeting fourteen year period, sandwiched between two world wars, Germany's Bauhaus school of art and...Bauhaus
Symmetry and opulence. Art and architecture of ancient Egypt. An ardent admirer of the superb skills of the ancient Egyptian and Oriental artisans, the French Orientalist,...Egyptian Art
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Stay in touch: The ongoing catalog of contemporary art, now in its fourth volume. Think of this tome as a global go-round of the world's most influential galleries: if it's...Art Now! Volume 4
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The Pepin Press "The Human Figure" features wonderful examples of instructive drawing of the human from the 16th century onwards. Interesting to see is both the change in...The Human Figure
Paper-making was invented in China, probably some 2,000 years ago. Early paper decoration techniques were also developed in both China and Japan. The marbling technique was...Japanese Papers
A new edition of this classic book on the Russian avant-garde, published 100 years on from the Russian Revolution John Bowlt has collected and translated manifestos,...Russian Art of the Avant-Garde. Theory and Criticism
Filled with stunning 18th- and 19th-century illustrations of plants and other living creatures, this book is the first to bring together the life and art of the three Bauer...The Bauers. Masters of Botanical Illustration
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The Chinese Art Book is a beautifully packaged, authoritative, and unprecedented overview of Chinese art from its earliest dynasties to the contemporary generation of...The Chinese Art Book
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The contemporary art world is increasingly global, with a larger population, wider territory, and greater number of nationalities than ever before. Its prevailing...Art Cities of the Future. 21st-Century Avant-Gardes
Сколько возрождений Рим познал в ходе своей многовековой истории? Гораздо больше одного, если вспомнить античный Рим, Рим времен Республики и империи, Рим, ставший в начале...Рим в произведениях искусства
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First monograph on the work of the artist from Israel. In her multifaceted artistic practice, which ranges from sculpture, video, drawing, and installation, Aya Ben Ron...Aya Ben Ron: Hanging
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The radical ideas associated with postmodernism swept through the arts in the 1970s, but have always been hard to summarize. Postmodernism: Style and Subversion, 1970–90...Postmodernism. Style and Subversion 1970-1990
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Рим - город исключительный: на протяжении всех тридцати четырех веков своей истории он почти всегда стоял во главе западного мира. Колыбель великой империи, оставившей по...Рим
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Louise Bourgeois was a prolific artist known for her highly personal body of work consisting of sculptures, installations, drawing and prints that deal with themes of...Intimate Geometries. The Art and Life of Louise Bourgeois
В нескольких главах издания описываются основные направления и тенденции развития уличного искусства с начала ХХ века по сегодняшнее время. На русском языке это первое...Искусство и город
«История глазами Крокодила. ХХ век» - это разговор о прошедшем столетии с помощью карикатур и фельетонов легендарного советского сатирического журнала «Крокодил». ХХ век...История глазами Крокодила. ХХ век. 1922-1937. Люди. События. Слова
Граффити – исконно уличный жанр. Но что получится, если поместить граффити-изображение в стены художественной галереи?Части стен
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Vanity Fair 100 Years showcases a century of personality and power, art and commerce, crisis and culture--both highbrow and low. In the sumptuous 384-page coffee table...Carter G. Vanity Fair 100 Years. From the Jazz Age to Our Age
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Планируя поездку в большой город, вы наверняка задаетесь множеством вопросов. Какой музей посетить? Где можно увидеть тот или иной шедевр? Где находится самая большая...Нью-Йорк. Арт-навигатор