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A Bride's Book of Lists: Everything You Need to Plan the Perfect Wedding

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From Marsha Heckman, author of the best-selling A Bride's Book, comes A Bride's Book of Lists again. A perfect resource for the bride planning her wedding. Heckman is a professional wedding planner and here she makes all her knowledge and experience available in a great little book full of ideas and inspiration.
You will find the perfect music for the first dance, gift ideas for guests and attendants, popular wedding locations, and to-do lists to stay organized. Learn how to put together a wedding day emergency kit, who the most popular gown designers are, and what flowers are available for bouquets in every month. Designed in the same style as A Bride's Book, this book is perfect companion to the wedding planner.
Included in A Bride's Book of Lists are:
Wedding Dance Songs
Honeymoon Destinations
Classic Wedding Traditions
Gifts for Attendants
Menu and Cake Suggestions
Ideas for Exchanging Vows
Floral Arrangements
Reception Themes
And MUCH more!

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