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75 years of Capitol Records. The legend of a music label. From the Beatles to Beck, Sinatra to Sam Smith, a parade of era-defining artists have passed through the doors of...75 Years of Capitol Records
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In July 1962, a group of young men played a gig at The Marquee Club on Oxford Street, London. They called themselves 'The Rollin' Stones' and little did they know they...Breaking Stones. 1963-1965 A Band on the Brink of Superstardom
Hip Hop Raised Me is the definitive volume on the essence, experience, and energy that is hip hop, and its massive and enduring impact over the last forty years. It's...Hip Hop Raised Me
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Highly illustrated, this book explores a hitherto overlooked topic in Chagall studies. Accompanying text for the exhibition at the Montreal Beaux-Arts Museum, from 28th...Chagall and Music
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In March of 1964 director Richard Lester began shooting A Hard Day's Night, a black-and-white feature film starring the Beatles. With slapstick humor and a fantastic...The Beatles. A Hard Day's Night. A Private Archive
In 1960, photographer William Claxton and noted musicologist Joachim Berendt traveled the United States hot on the trail of jazz. Through music halls and marching bands,...Jazzlife
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The Complete Pink Floyd is an incredible book. It lists every concert, every appearance, every song, every turn and twist in the amazing story of one of the world's most...The Complete Pink Floyd
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One of the most successful, influential and provocative bands of all time, Black Sabbath - dubbed "The Beatles of Heavy Metal" by Rolling Stone magazine - changed the...Black Sabbath. The Original Princess of Darkness
A unique tribute from David Bowie's official photographer and creative partner, Mick Rock, compiled in 2015, with Bowie's blessing. In 1972, David Bowie released his...The Rise of David Bowie. 1972-1973 by Mick Rock
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Terry O'Neill is one of the world's most celebrated and collected photographers. No one has captured the frontline of fame so broadly - and for so long. Terry O'Neill's...Terry O'Neill's Rock 'n' Roll Album
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From his family's vast archives―a revelatory new pictorial life of the greatest entertainer of the twentieth century. On the centennial of his birth, Sinatra 100―with the...Sinatra 100
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Queen were indicted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and given their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002. The Queen musical We Will Rock You has been...The Treasures of Queen
AC/DC are the undisputed kings of hard rock. They have streets named after them in Australia and Spain, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, and...AC/DC Story
Metallica grew from the fledgling thrash metal scene of the early 1980s to become one of the biggest metal acts in the history of music. They still play sell out concerts...Metallica
Fronted by irrepressible, idiosyncratic, and frequently death-defying singer Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath began its bumpy road to fame with a sound that rocked harder,...Elliott P. Black Sabbath. The Vault
AC/DC are the undisputed kings of hard rock. They have streets named after them in Australia and Spain, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, and...Treasures of AC/DC
Светлую жизнь певицы Жанны Фриске, наполненную любовью и умиротворением, в одном мгновение перечеркнул диагноз - рак, превратив любимицу миллионов из символа красоты в...Жанна
Ровно 25 лет прошло со дня гибели лидера группы "КИНО". Но до сих пор многочисленные поклонники собираются около стены Цоя на Арбате, песни "КИНО" звучат в эфире популярных...Цой. Последний герой современного мира
Sell-out tours in packed stadiums, records going platinum on pre-orders alone, three-hour long concerts night after night, girls, booze, drugs…Led Zeppelin did it all....Treasures of Led Zeppelin