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This visual tour of St. Louis, MO's Citygarden―one of America's most renowned sculpture gardens―is an exciting introduction to the world of public art. In 2009 the city of...Please Touch: Sculpture for a City
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A deluxe slipcased boxed set that reunites the works of Joan Miró and Alexander Calder's Constellations series. The sculptor Alexander Calder (1898-1976) and the painter...Miro and Calder's Constellations
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Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), architect, painter, but above all sculptor, had a career that spanned almost three quarters of a century. He worked under six different...Bernini
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Simultaneously frightening and familiar, the image of the skull is the closest thing human civilization has ever seen to a universal aesthetic totem. Although the power of...Skullture
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Four years after his iconic mirror paintings catapulted him to international acclaim, Michelangelo Pistoletto took an abrupt left turn with his series, the Minus Objects....Michelangelo Pistoletto
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Few twentieth-century sculptors created works as distinctive and recognizable as those of English sculptor Henry Moore (1898–1986). Deliberately seeking out the challenge...Henry Moore: Vision. Creation. Obsession
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Richard Serra experimented at an early age with industrial materials like rubber, neon, lead, and steel to create powerful sculptures, canvases, films, and drawings that...Richard Serra: Props, Films, Early Works
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An arresting volume to commemorate Olafur Eliasson's latest work of installation art, featuring lush illustrations and unique insights from participating writers,...Your Glacial Expectations
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8 900 руб.
Dynamic Beauty: Sculpture of Art Nouveau Paris is the first book to seriously explore French Art Nouveau sculpture and the aesthetic and cultural climate that gave rise to...Dynamic Beauty. Sculpture of Art Nouveau Paris
This book showcases and puts into historical context a host of sculpted works created in the 1920s and 1930s in the decorative vernacular defined loosely today as “Art...Art Deco Sculpture
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Over 23 years ago the first publication of Chiparus: Master of Art Deco brought this artist into the public eye. His name, lost in records and catalogues, was rejuvenated...Chiparus: Master of Art Deco
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Presentation de motifs sculptes sur pierre utilises dans l'architecture : chapiteaux, frises, rosaces, cartouches, plafonds, cheminees, etc. Reprise d'un ouvrage de la fin...Motifs Ornementaux. Architecture Et Sculpture. Vol.2. Pierre
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Before reaching the tender age of 30, Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475–1564) had already sculpted David and Pietà, two of the most famous sculptures in the entire history of...Michelangelo. Complete Works
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Before reaching the tender age of 30, Michelangelo Buonarroti had already sculpted Piet? and David, two of the most famous sculptures in the entire history of art. As a...Michelangelo: The Complete Paintings, Sculptures and Architecture
This monograph on the work of abstract painter and sculptor Otto Freundlich looks at the entirety of the artist's career. A German painter and sculptor of Jewish origin,...Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism
The eerie beauty of Ukraine's Lenin statues, toppled in the name of decommunization. In the process of decommunisation, Ukraine has toppled all its Lenin monuments. The...Looking for Lenin
Accompanying a major new exhibition of Ai Weiwei's work, including many pieces made especially for the show, this book features numerous illustrations, texts by the artist...Ai Weiwei. Evidence
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This is a beautifully illustrated and detailed look at the life and works of one of the world's most exceptional artists ever. Often considered a rival to Da Vinci for the...Michelangelo
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