Pavel Pepperstein

The Cold Center of the Sun - Short Stories

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Pavel Pepperstein, long since acknowledged as the central figure in Russia’s contemporary art scene, constitutes an important link between the older generation of Moscow Conceptualists and young aspiring artists in his country. In Pepperstein’s graphic, painterly works, mysterious, hybrid worlds open themselves up to the viewer’s gaze. Motifs from Russian and ancient mythology encounter avant-garde forms in the style of El Lissitzky or Kasimir Malevich that are combined, much like collages, with Hollywood or science-fiction scenes. The artist adds a handwritten, annotating element to this bold blend. His playful gestures break through the confines of the familiar and ironically blend Russian icons with images taken from Western pop culture. This catalogue relates a selection of stories by Pavel Pepperstein, taken from his short story collection The Secret of Our Time, to his recent works on canvas.
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