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Come along for the ride as Wheel & Deal Carts on Wheels tours the broad range of mobile establishments roaming the world s roads, parks, and greenways. Five chapters...Wheel & Deal. Carts on Wheels
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A passionate tribute to vinyl, spotlighting rocks most influential records from The Beatles 1963 debut Please Please Me, through the Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks...101 Essential Rock Records
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A collector's book featuring extremely rare and historically important skateboards from all corners of the globe, Surf to Skate captures the art and craftmanship of the...Surf to Skate. Vol.1. Evolution to Revolution
The headbadge has been affixed to finer bicycles for over a century. Made of steel, brass, copper, aluminum and silver, and using elaborate techniques such as die-pressing...A Cycling Lexicon. Bicycle Headbadges from a Bygone Era
Wheres Banksy? fully captures the drama of this illustrious artist's exploits on the world stage with clever chronologically-arranged maps. The only survey that looks at...Where's Banksy? Banksy's Greatest Works in Context
Broken Windows - Graffiti NYC documents the flowering of the graffiti movement of the post-train era, and this newly revised 2010 edition has been completely redesigned...Broken Windows. Graffiti NYC
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This book is all about an art form that aims to be unsettling and has its roots in the 20th Century. Some people make a connection between dark art and gothic subculture,...Juxtapoz Dark Arts
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By popular demand, Juxtapoz Tattoo 2 expands on a subject very dear to the inked hearts of its readers. Many featured artists emerged at the beginning of Tattoo's modern...Juxtapoz Tattoo 2
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Whether reviled as criminals or upheld as symbols of ultimate freedom, it can't be denied that the figure of the pirate has had an unmistakable impact on everything from...Pirates. Culture and Style from the 15th
Here Juxtapoz curates a book representing a new generation of painters who have excelled at photorealism and hyperrealism, but have taken the mediums and injected them with...Juxtapoz. Hyperrealism
The infinite approaches to painting throughout human history have mirrored, illuminated and extended perceptions of artists and viewers alike. Juxtapoz New Contemporary...Juxtapoz New Contemporary
One of the most comprehensive surveys of type ever published, Type Image showcases contemporary works that challenge the type/image divide. Letters, words, and phrases in...Type Image
Second edition in a unique series dedicated to the rich and colorful world of fashion illustration in Japan. Again, artists featured have been chosen according to emotive...Mondofragile 2: Fashion Illustrators from Japan