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Alphonse Mucha was an extraordinarily prolific and versatile artist who made his mark in the diverse fields of design—including posters, jewelery, interior decoration,...Alphonse Mucha
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The catalog for the international loan exhibition: Drawings for Paintings in the Age of Rembrandt captures the different ways in which artists used preliminary or...Drawings for Paintings in the Age of Rembrandt
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4 900 руб.
The radiant and beloved masterworks of leaded glass from the Gilded Age. Louis C. Tiffany's intricate and brilliantly colored masterpieces have captivated collectors for...Lamps of Tiffany Studios. Nature Illuminated
Aleksandr Rodchenko was one of the main generators of creative ideas during the extraordinary time of the Russian avant-garde movements, and he perfectly reflected its...Alexander Rodchenko
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Architect and critic Luca Molinari is associate professor of history of contemporary architecture at the Luigi Vanvitelli School of Architecture, University of Naples, and...Sergei Tchoban. Architecture Drawings
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The volume reveals the great importance of drawings in Sergey Kuznetsov's architectural practice.Sergey Kuznetsov. Architecture Drawings
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A vast catalog dedicated to Leonardo's entire oeuvre on the occasion of the largest exhibition realized on the genius, symbol of Italian art and creativity, during Milan...The Design Оf Тhe World 1452-1519
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The Skira Dictionary of Modern Decorative Arts spans, under nearly one thousand headings, a period defined by two crucial events in the intricate history of the transition...Skira Dictionary Оf Modern Decorative Arts
An exhibition catalog that features an impressive retrospective, covering the last fifty years in chronological order. Don McCullin (born 1935, London) is one of the most...Don McCullin. The Impossible Peace
The development of Soviet realist painting over fifty years through a selection of works from Russia's leading museums. Socialist realism remains an exceptional phenomenon...Socialist Realisms. Soviet Painting 1920-1970
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This book is devoted to the complex relationship between Russian art and the East - be it the Russian East or the Far East - with special focus on the radical artists who...The Russian Avant-garde: Siberia and the East