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Santiago Calatrava is renowned around the world as an architect, structural engineer, sculptor, and artist. From the Athens 2004 Olympic sports complex to the World Trade...Calatrava
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Lightness in glass and white: On the 50th anniversary of Richard Meier's firm, a complete retrospective. From his early days as one of the "New York Five" Richard Meier has...Meier & Partners. Updated Version
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Over the years, talented architects have occasionally indulged themselves with the challenge of designing small but perfectly formed buildings. Today, with reduced budgets,...Small Architecture
Until his death at age 104, Oscar Niemeyer (1907–2012) was something of an unstoppable architectural force. Over seven decades of work, he designed approximately 600...Niemeyer
While some architects have a signature style, Renzo Piano seeks to apply coherent ideas to extraordinarily different projects. His buildings impress as much for their...Piano
Spanish visionary Santiago Calatrava is renowned around the world as an architect, structural engineer, sculptor, and artist. Famed for bridges as much as buildings, he has...Calatrava
Designing private residences has its own very special challenges and nuances for the architect. The scale may be more modest than public projects, the technical fittings...100 Contemporary Houses
Not so very long ago, some might have considered wood a material of the past, long since replaced by more modern components such as concrete and steel. The truth is...100 Contemporary Wood Buildings
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From Frank O. Gehry's shining Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris to Zaha Hadid's curving Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, take a global tour through the architectural practice...Architecture Now! 2015 Edition
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Some architects have a signature style. What sets Piano apart is that he applies his coherent set of ideas in extraordinarily different ways. It takes more than a quick...Piano: Complete Works 1966-2014
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Japanese houses today have to contend with unique factors that condition their design, from tiny plots in crowded urban contexts to ever-present seismic threats. These...The Japanese House Reinvented
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From a house without walls to exhibition spaces in shipping containers, Shigeru Ban has constantly challenged architectural rule and expectation. In the age of the...Shigeru Ban
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As soon as our earliest ancestors first ventured out of their caves, they turned to wood for their protective structures. The ultimate renewable resource for architecture...Wood Architecture Now! 2
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From emergency relief shelters to a cardboard cathedral and exhibition spaces in shipping containers, Pritzker-prize winning architect Shigeru Ban has made his name with...Shigeru Ban
A must-have design source, with cutting-edge ideas from the world's best designers and architects. Contemporary Interiors showcases a wide range of twenty-first-century...Contemporary Interiors. A Source of Design Ideas
The pavilion is the architectural form of the moment, enabling emerging architects to make their mark. Often ephemeral and orientated to a specific function, they are less...The New Pavilions
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