Dian Hanson

Robert Crumb. The Sketchbooks 1982-2011

45 000
The father of the underground comix movement, Robert Crumb is one of the most celebrated comic artists working today. Now aged 68, Crumb's work on Keep on Truckin, Devil Girl, Fritz the Cat, and Mr. Natural has earned him his place amongst the world's leading satirical comic artists.Robert Crumb requested that the books representing the second half of his career be published first due to fan demand for new Crumb material (Volumes 7-12 cover the period 1982-2011, and the forthcoming Volumes 1-6 will cover the period 1964-1981).The box-set is the first collection of Crumb's work to be printed since the seven volume series issued by the German publisher Zweitausendeins between 1981 and 1997. Unlike Zweitausendeins' release, which featured all of Crumb's sketches, this latest volume has been edited to include only his best work.
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