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This magnificently illustrated book draws on the latest scholarly research to reveal new perspectives on the techniques and influences of Impressionist landscapes. This...Impressionism. The Art of Landscape
This book offers an overview of the promised gift of A. Jerrold Perenchio, a renowned philanthropist and art collector, that will transform the Los Angeles County Museum of...Impressionist and Modern Art
This book presents amazing quality French Impressionist art held in Japanese collections, and includes some of the major works of the Impressionist movement. At the end of...Japan's Love for Impressionism. From Monet to Renoir
This fully illustrated book accompanies one of the most comprehensive exhibitions dedicated solely to three centuries of men's fashion. The fashionable male may be making a...Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear, 1715-2015
From converted factories and chapels to cabins built from salvaged wood, this collection of innovative, beautiful, and sustainable dwellings showcases a worldwide trend for...Renovate Innovate. Reclaimed and Upcycled Homes
The first book dedicated solely to this important member of the Russian avant-garde, this volume profiles Lazar Khidekel, a brilliant artist and architect whose career...Lazar Khidekel and Suprematism
This fascinating and beautifully illustrated book on the work of Francis Bacon, one of the 20th century's greatest painters, takes an in-depth look at his trademark motif...Francis Bacon. Invisible Rooms
This book explores how Georgia O'Keeffe lived her life steeped in modernism, bringing the same style she developed in her art to her dress, her homes, and her lifestyle....Georgia O'Keeffe. Living Modern
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Accompanying a major new exhibition of Ai Weiwei's work, including many pieces made especially for the show, this book features numerous illustrations, texts by the artist...Ai Weiwei. Evidence
Very little is known about the Green Florilegium. Neither signed nor dated, it is generally attributed to the German painter Hans Simon Holtzbecker and originates from the...The Green Florilegium
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Focusing on one of the most intense and productive periods of Otto Dix's career, this richly illustrated book features paintings, watercolors, and graphic works that mark...Otto Dix. The Evil Eye
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Now available in a new edition, this lavishly illustrated volume draws on the latest research to present an exciting new interpretation of Albrecht Durer, both as a man and...Albrecht Durer
Best known for his depictions of the human form, Schiele was also interested in portraying the beauty and structure of the world he inhabited. In fact, Schiele's paintings...Egon Schiele. Landscapes
Featuring ninety works that were decisive in Kandinsky's development as an artist and theorist, this catalog to the exhibit offers brilliant reproductions of the paintings...Kandinsky. Absolut Abstrakt
The drummer is usually the least well-known member of any band. Yet behind every frontman is the person keeping the beat, and often acting as the music's driving force. In...The Drum Thing
On the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 Theses, this opulent book presents a colorful introduction to Renaissance art and history. aturing more than a hundred...Renaissance and Reformation. German Art in the Age of Durer and Cranach
Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Asia Society in New York, this elegant book explores the breadth and depth of the venerable museum's collection of traditional and...Treasures of Asian Art
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This beautiful book focuses on the distinctive and expressive power of Jackson Pollock's figurative paintings, drawings, and prints; a rarely studied aspect of his artistic...The Figurative Pollock
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Now available in an updated edition, this book examines the tumultuous history of Bauhaus art and design. This lively introduction to the Bauhaus tells the story of a...Bauhaus